Amity Junior State of America

What is JSA?

Amity JSA

Amity JSA Best Speaker Award – Mini-Con April 6,2013

“JSA” stands for the Junior State of America. Created in 1934, the Junior State of America is a place where high schoolers interested in the institutions that affect the world around them — politics and government, foreign affairs, the law, and education — can meet and interact with others that share this interest.

The highlight each year are the three state conventions. Typically over 500 high school students from Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts gather in one location and debate important issues of the day over the course of a weekend. There is also time built allowed to experience the surrounding area (i.e. Downtown Boston, the Capitol in Washington DC). This year the three state conventions are:

  • Fall State: Boston, MA
  • Winter Congress: ¬†Arlington, VA – D.C.
  • Spring State:¬†Stamford, CT

Our region also holds two one-day regional conferences, one in the fall and another in the spring, somewhere in New York City. There are also one day “megacons” and “minicons” throughout the year. Important note, the one day events are hosted by JSA and not chaperoned Amity events. As you can see, there are lots of opportunities to discuss politics and current events not only with fellow Amity students, but students from different areas and backgrounds. Its a great way to meet people with similar interests across the northeast!